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Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Spotlight: Fleet Foxes

For those who like folk or indie rock, I strongly suggest you check out Fleet Foxes. I discovered these guys on my quest to expand my music taste, and they haven't let me down.

They're based out of Seattle, the cradle of grunge. They can be compared to My Morning Jacket, Monsters of Folk, and Band of Horses.

They have a self-titled album, Fleet Foxes, that has some pretty great tracks. The first notable track is White Winter Hymnal. It starts out slowly, building up a pretty powerful harmony that's quite enjoyable.

Another great track on their self-titled album is Blue Ridge Mountains. It appears it's quite literally about the lead singer's brother Sean.

Fleet Foxes also has a self-titled EP, which also contains some great tracks. The first of which is In the Hot Hot Rays. Has some great guitar riffs. Another fun track on the EP is Anyone who's Anyone.

Mykonos is a track from an earlier EP, but it seems it got some radio play a few years ago. It's fairly good, but I like their current style a bit better.

Check them out and enjoy the video!

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