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Monday, July 19, 2010

Original Poem: Céfiro

                                  Céfiro © Joshua Emmanuel Isaacson

She comes and goes
Always a sudden greeting
She can be cheerful and warm
or icily bitter.
Her wandering eyes cannot be tamed.
She cannot be grasped for long,
She is constantly moving,
Excelling at escape,
She squeezes through the cracks.

She can ease your pain,
or chill your soul.
She can steer your life,
or let you rot in place.
She is an apt musician,
but her whistles haunt you.

She is admired,
many have sought her beauty,
her elusiveness beyond them.

She can extinguish your anguish,
or fan the chaotic inferno.
She does what she pleases.

She is well traveled,
carving her initials as testament.
Her art is erratic,
sometimes her strokes are rough,
other strokes are soft.
She paints a genuine picture.

Her adventurous life is always messy.
Though her absence can be tranquil,
it's equally discouraging.
She determines the length of her stay,
moving on when she deems the time is right.
Her constant presence becomes wholesome,
her departure leaves a void.
You can try to chase her,
but it's best to simply hold her hand.


Wonder what it means to you.


  1. This poem erradicates a girl in contradiction...like scottish/korean haha. What a great piece though. It's as if i'm anticipating a sequal. Whom might this lovely 'verbage' be about?

  2. There could be a sequel haha. That's for you to determine yourself!