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Monday, July 12, 2010

Tip: Keep your Spaghetti sauce from getting watery

This may seem a little ridiculous, but after thinking about it do you actually like having a puddle of reddish water at the bottom of your plate when you're eating your Spaghetti? I sure don't. One of my best friends and I had a conversation regarding it, and he 'heard' of a solution.

Now first, I'd like to point out that most people suggest NOT running your Spaghetti noodles through hot water after they have been boiling, to reduce the moisture. However I disagree. You don't want your Spaghetti to stick!

The solution we discovered was: Warm your plate up BEFORE you put the noodles and Spaghetti sauce on it. Apparently the moisture is drawn out from the contrasting temperatures (At least initially). This might sound, again, ridiculous but it DID work for us. We even tested it with different style of plates.


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