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Monday, July 12, 2010

Music Spotlight: Seabird

As I scour the internet for various ideas, I tend to discover interesting and tasteful music. I did just that when watching 'If you really knew me' courtesy of MTV, on Nathan Bransford's writing blog.

Seabird an indie rock band, hailing from Ohio, played some fitting music to match the social tensity in MTV's 'If you knew me'.

I liken the band to Coldplay, Train, and even some Radiohead. Their message seems fairly positive, which can be contributed to their 'Christian' labeling, but it doesn't detract from their skill. They arrange their music very well, vocals have some range, and they use a good assortment of instruments.

They've appeared in Pushing Daisies, Numb3rs, and Grey's Anatomy so they're getting some well deserved exposure.

Grooveshark has a good bit of their music for you to listen and check out. Black & Blue, This Road, Apparitions are a few tracks I'd check out.

Below are links to some of their music!

Further Reading

**Note I'd like to call out MTV for hosting such an interesting and intriguing show 'If you really knew me'. Basically MTV goes to various schools around the country discovering their cliques. MTV does it's best to disband them by shedding light on the issue, and letting kids have an open mic. I'd recommend checking it out on MTVs website.

Their link below


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